Monday, August 04, 2008

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I honestly didn't think it'd be possible for me to hate the Vikings and the Packers even more than I did, but.... Well, I was wrong.

The latest reports (and this could change by the time I'm done typing this) are that the Packers called the Vikings on Friday to let them know that Favre will be available for a trade. If that ends up happening, current Packers management have no reason to expect they should be able to keep their jobs. This whole stand-off has been stupid from the beginning. Brett Favre, despite being probably the most over-rated QB ever, is still pretty good, and he had one of his best seasons in years last year. Yes, Favre has acted like a petulant solipsistic flip-flopper and pretty much dominated the entire off-season attention of the team for going on like five years now, but that doesn't matter. I know, if you're Ted Thompson, you think it's your job to be, y'know, building a team and working out trades and developing draft picks and all that nice stuff. And, yeah, it is your job. Except that your real job is just making your team as good as it can be, and all of that stuff just represents the tools you have available to do that. So I know Brett Favre has kept you from really exercising your GM muscles--but that just means you don't have to! No matter what Brett Favre said, it simply makes no sense for the Packers not to do whatever they need to do (which, really, is not much) to let him lead their team for another year. Instead, they've done everything in their power to keep him away from the team. It is just, plain, stupid. And I'm going to relish the two Chicago Bears victories that come this when we pound the Packers even more! Punish that stupidity!

Meanwhile, I never really could get myself to actually like Favre, but I did have a kind of begrudging liking for him. But he's apparently just clueless about the existence of other people and the rights of anyone except him to want anything. Frankly, on a personal level, no wonder the Packers organization wants him gone. Reading the transcript of the interview with that Fox News lady made me really happy about the obvious pain the Bears defense has inflicted upon the man for the past few years. Whether he goes to the Vikings or to the Packers this year, I seriously want to see that mofo on his back with Urlacher & Harris & Mike Brown (& Alex Brown & Mark Anderson & Ogunleye) letting him know that's where he belongs.

Also, and this is a bit of a non-sequitor but it just occurred to me and I'm blogging in real-time here: Brett Favre holds two (at least) major records right now. One of them for all-time touchdown passes, the other for all-time interceptions. By playing another year or two, all he's going to do is make it one more or possibly two more years longer for Peyton Manning to break his TD-pass record. Meanwhile, is INT record is going to become untouchable. Nobody's ever going to break that record, especially if he inflates it with more games. So, yeah, that's a bit of a comfort, that in several years, Brett Favre's most untouchable record will be the one everyone acts like he doesn't have.

Oh, and the Vikings are pure evil. I've always known that. But now there's even more evidence. Seriously, the image in my head when I think if the Vikings is of a glossy purple serpent, like the kind that talked Eve into eating the fruit. That's what the Vikings represent in my mind. I hope they all lose their teeth. And I cannot friggin' wait for the Bears to mash them into their astro-turf, with or without Favre.

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