Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One of Chicago's finest

I bet the first people to read Haugh's article today were members of the Chicago Bears. Obviously they would look to the press to get their coaches' thoughts to them because they don't work with them. That's right, D-bag actually believes that the key to the Cubs and White Sox seasons so far is that their managers called the players out in the press. And since we know Lovie doesn't blast his players through the tribune we can pretty much assume that none of them know they fucked up on Sunday.
I really don't know if Haugh has ever played a sport, I assume he has, but from my experience players tend to have a lot of respect for a coach who led them to a title game. And I'm sure Peanut feels worse than any of us about the play because he let his teammates and coaches down. Players play for their team and since they see them everyday I doubt they rely on the media to get them inside information.
Also Haugh notes that Daniel Manning caught like 12 passes in college and maybe the Bears should turn to him at wide receiver, because thats what an innovative coach who actually cared would do.

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