Monday, November 03, 2008

More hate for the Chicago boys

It's articles like these that cause me to feel like vomiting so frequently each week.

Apparently Greg Couch has officially taken the Mariotti mantle and he doesn't plan on entering the scene quietly. He takes the electronic space, I can only hope to god that this was never printed in ink, of the first article I've noticed by him this year to say that Devin Hester is washed up. On behalf of Devin and anyone who has any idea what it means to actually support the Chicago Bears, FUCK YOU COUCH! He even has to balls to suggest that 23 is resigned to his fate. Hey Greg, remember when the blocking sucked on that return and Devin tried to take everyone on and lost yards and everyone was like "this isn't college, you just need to hit the hole and break the ones that are available"? I do and you suck! Just wanted to say that again. 23 was very close on at least one return before being stopped illegally Sunday and totally slipped on another one, so I don't think he can really be admonished. He will break one this year and I hope on that day Greg Couch suffers from the worst fucking case of hemorrhoids.

DH is just being his normal self. Paraphrasing: Steltz looks good and I've questioned multiple times if Manning is solid but come this Sunday the Bears coaches, who I assume don't actually go to practice, should start still injured Manning or just signed Holt. Oh, and Babich was on the sideline again, heh he's such a dork. I would've already won the Super Bowl this year if I were in charge. Hehe. And lets put turf in Soldier Field again because I DON'T LIKE MUD! And I think a veteran who has never seen the playbook is probably a better backup QB option than this Haine guy who has been on the team all year.
Douche also recycles my KGB idea which I think is funny because I saw it first and I gave a legitimate way for the Bears to pull it off. Haugh wants two new signings without noticing that a player would have to be jettisoned to bring each one in.

Finally, Thank you Brian Urlacher. You're not as big a factor this year but I still love and cherish you as my MLB. I am so glad that you are asking fans to stop booing the replacement QB who brought this city to Miami and hadn't thrown a pass yet this year but still won the game last week. Seriously Chicago fans WTF!? Rex is clearly on his farewell tour here, you could at least show him some love before he rides off. We'll have plenty of time to boo him next season when he's throwing bombs to BB and living off of simple, effective play action again.


Marcus said...

Yeah, the most annoying thing about DH is that I think he pretty much hates the Bears. He probably, if someone were to accuse him of not liking the Bears, would say, well, that's not his job, he's a reporter, blah blah... and I suspect that's the editorial thinking, too, at the Trib. But what's wrong with having a columnist who actually likes the team he's covering?

And, seriously, FieldTurf? Maybe the grass should've been shorter... but, seriously, Football is meant to be played outdoors, in grass! That means, sometimes, the conditions are less than idea. That's what football is. At the very least, that's what Chicago Bears football is. DH doesn't care about that, and in fact I think he actively thinks stuff like that is stupid. Also, he has no soul. And probably rapes chickens. For crack. That he forcibly makes his own grandmother smoke.

Erika said...

I read one sentence and got bored. :( And I LIKE football!!!!

Hmm... I'll keep reading, Micah. :)