Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gleeful News

Right now this brief post over at Brad Biggs's flipping amazing Inside the Bears blog is all that's up, but he reports that Lovie's just announced what I thought of as one of the best-case options for next years defense, though one I didn't suspect could actually happen: Lovie is going to call the defense. Babich will retain his defensive coordinator title, but he's going to be more of just the LBs coach--I assume he's retaining the title so Lovie can help his friend save a bit of face. Fine with me.

Lovie calling the defense is wonderful news. Not only does he have a ridiculously solid history as a defensive coach, and his years as the defensive coordinator in St. Louis proved him to be one of the best defensive callers in the league, but it's will mean he overall will be taking a much more hands-on approach to the defense. Essentially, Lovie saw what was happening over the last couple years and decided that if you can't find someone else to do the job the way you want it, it's best to just do it yourself. I frankly haven't been this excited about a Bears move since some time before the 2006 season. Our defense, I predict, is going to be back next year--with a vengeance.

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