Friday, September 22, 2006

I just realized something w/r/t that argument the guys on ESPN radio were making about place-kicking sucking lately because of so much specialization. Morten Anderson is coming back to kick for the Falcons because the Falcons decided that their experiment of having Koenen do both punts and place-kicks wasn't working, which means that their argument goes something like: Morten Anderson is coming back to kick for a team who needs a place-kicker because they've been having their punter do it and he's not all that great at place-kicking, but the other reason that Anderson can come back is that place-kicking has been getting pathetic lately, and the reason place-kicking is pathetic lately is because the kickers aren't the same guys that are doing the punting anymore... I mean, not only is their argument just really stupid, it doesn't even make consistent sense with itself! Once again, these guys are getting paid to say this stuff.

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