Sunday, September 17, 2006

Thoughts on today's game (before)

Shaun Rogers:I haven't actually seen Rogers play much, but from everything I've read he sounds pretty scary, and the little bit of the beating Detroit's defense gave Seattle last week, I have to admit, makes me really hope that Chicago's O-line is better than I think it is. It's too bad that you can't move around linemen to get the best matchup, cuz I would love to see Kreutz vs. Rogers. I'm pretty sure Kreutz would have him on his back all day. Sun-Times reports that Rogers will probably mostly be going up against Ruben Brown, in whom I have far less confidence. May he prove me wrong!

Another kinda scary thought: both Rex Tucker and Rex Grossman will be playing in Chicago today, two Rexes who both have a recent history of freak injuries sidelining them for whole seasons... And, hey, "Rex" rhymes with "Hex"! Actually, it's kind of surprising that their wasn't a big Mulligan or Telander or Morrissey article about this fact, with "Rex" and "Hex" in the headline. Come on guys! You're missing comedy gold here! Anyway, I'd put the chances both Rexes make it through the game w/out one of them accidentally choking on some gatorade on the sideline, causing an epiglotis sprain that keeps them from being able to control when they're breathing or swallowing, effectively putting a permanent end to his career, at about 1 in 9. It's like they're both in Final Destination, and they cheated their career-ending injury once and now the abstract concept of career-ending injury is out for revenge, causing random things to go haywire until they finally get what's coming to them. Maybe Rex Tucker will be the last Lion making his way onto the field and the tunnel will suddenly collapse on him... Anyway, there were reports earlier in the week that Mark Bradley might play, too...

Also, the Sun-Times is predicting a score of 17-13 Bears. I wonder how they come up with there scores. Do they realize that they're predicting the Lions will score a touchdown? Probably, but that seems like a dumb thing to predict. The Bears went through a significant streak last season without giving up a touchdown, and the Lions last week never really threatened to score a touchdown on the Seahawks, who do, apparently, have a decent defense, but one that is not nearly as dominating as the Bears'. Plus, it's the home opener, and they're playing against a team coached by Lovie's special roomie buddy guy, I just don't see how the Bears give up a touchdown to the Lions today... Maybe they're thinking the Lions will get three field goals and two safeties, which would definitely have been more likely two years ago. Speaking of Shea, what ever happened to that guy? I thought Martz had picked him back up as a Q coach in St. Louis. Did Martz manage to bring him along to Detroit? I haven't heard anything about him being there, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Devin Hester: Here's a nice little puff piece on Hester by David Haugh. It's mostly not too bad as far as boring puff pieces go, but Haugh spends too much time trying to be cute in the beginning that it's hard to tell if he's saying that Hester proposed to his girlfriend in line for concessions, which doesn't really sound all that awesome, or if his line about "expecting nothing more that just a trip to the concession stand" is just a throwaway. But, anyway, who's the David Haugh guy? What happened to K.C. Johnson? Did he get fired for being way too good of a writer or something? He hasn't had an article all week, and I miss him. He's not even listed in the Tribune's "Reporter's Pick 'em" or the blog's list of staff picks... Hopefully he's just on vacation or something... The only other Chicago Sports writer who's even half as fun to read as K.C. is Rahula Strohl, but he just writes for the blog and does the Bear with us stuff... come back K.C.!!!! Also, I'm calling it: Hester has another touchdown today, and it's not the only touchdown scored by a D/ST person...

Anyway, just cuz it's fun, here are my picks for the day: Bears (duh); TB beats Atlanta and everyone forgets how good Atlanta looked last week (I'm sure I'm wrong, too); Cinci blows Cleveland away (have I mentioned that it's going to be a Cinci/Chicago Super Bowl? I had a dream about it...); New Orleans, who have Drew Brees and Reggie Bush now, by the way, handle GB easily, although Favre has a good game; Indy over Houston; Buffalo over Miami, just cuz I think Jauron has to have noticed how easy it is to beat Culpepper if you just go right after him at the beginning of the game; Minnesota beats a Steve Smith-less Carolina; flip a coin for Philly and NYG, they're both equally over-rated; Baltimore sends in the third string at half time and still creams Oakland; San Francisco freaks everyone out by eeking out a victory over the "resurgent" Rams; Seattle plays at home so they'll beat Arizona; Denver beats KC and everyone puts Plummer back on their fantasy team; Jets beat New England (please please please!!); San Diego over Tennessee; as with all NFC East games, you can flip a coing for Washington/Dallas; Jacksonville beats Pittsburgh unless Roethlisburger plays.

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