Friday, March 23, 2007

I just have to say that the possibility of having Archuleta at strong safety and Brown at free safety is just about giving me wet dreams. Seriously, that defense would be amazing. Regardless of just about anything else that happens on their defense. And then Urlacher in the middle, Tommie Harris, Alex Brown, Mark Anderson, and Ogunleye on the line... (and I actually even forgot to mention Tillman and Vasher, who made an insanely small number of mistakes this last season and are probably the least appreciated members of the defense (maybe because their jobs seem to be geared more for containment than any other part of the defense?) ...) I know there are more question marks elsewhere than I really expected there to be in the off-season, but with those players as the core for the defense? Wow. I can hardly imagine the Bears defense not being a better unit this year, whether or not Briggs decides to hold out for the imaginary billions he thinks he deserves. He'd be an idiot not to want to play for that kind of defense. (Seriously. I get pretty annoyed when people get mad at players for wanting more money, and Briggs has every right to do so, but I mean, this defense is very much within grasping distance of being Historic, and he's going to get enough money anyway that with just a tiny bit of smart investing, he would have more money for the rest of his life than he could possibly figure out what to do with... so, really, he would be stupid not to play for these guys, and play fucking hard. Not immoral or anything, just stupid.)

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