Saturday, March 24, 2007

People are so disappointing sometimes

The new little "poll" on the chicagosports website asks the question, "Who do you want starting at strong safety for the Bears?" (it should be "whom," but whatever... I guess it wouldn't bother me in spoken language...) the options are Archuleta and Brown. Nearly 75% of the answerers said Brown. what? Do they not really understand the question? It's not like a zero-sum thing of Brown or Archuleta starting, although the stupidly worded question does kind of sound that way... obviously, ideally both Brown and Archuleta will be starters, and Brown would clearly be better at free safety than would Archuleta. And Archuleta was clearly brought in to be a strong safety anyway; that's what he excells at. Are the people who answered the question thinking that only one of them can be on the field or something? I just don't get it...

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