Monday, January 14, 2008

Is Another Turner on Offense Really What We Need?

Yes. I'm certainly not the only one to notice this, but if yesterday's truly awesome game between Indy and SD proved anything, it's that Michael Turner is really really good. Everyone already expected the Bears to go after Turner, but now they'd be even stupider not to--except, of course, that yesterday probably increased the amount of competition there will be for Turner, and Angelo has always acted allergic to competition for free agents in the past. So I kind of feel like yesterday convinced me that Bears have to go after Turner, but also that they probably won't get him because Angelo won't want to get into a "bidding war." He'll probably end up settling for Julius Jones.

And in non-Bears football thoughts, as really great as yesterday's game was, and as hard as San Diego fought and everything, they wouldn't have won that game if those two balls hadn't bounced off of Manning's receivers--and if they hadn't randomly bounced directly into the waiting arms of Chargers defenders. Fat chance of that happening against New England. San Diego'll give the Pats more of a game than most people are expecting, and certainly than anyone would've thought earlier in the season when it was a given that Norv Turner was the worst football coach in the history of bad football coaches, but if the Patriot's lose it'll be because of the type random bad luck that did in the Colts yesterday. And since Belichick gladly gave up his soul to Satan at the beginning of the season (Belichick: "You really want this thing? It probably tastes like orange peels and cat litter..."), the Patriots aren't going to have a luck problem.

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