Sunday, March 02, 2008

fire the media!

I can't really go on saying this anymore without being overly redundant can I? David Haugh, the whole fucking Chicago media are such douche bags.
Without getting more into this than I mean to right now the Bears have signed two major free-agents this year. They were both listed as the top available at their position and they were both previously Bears. This should be celebrated as nothing short of excellent. Instead Haugh thinks the Bears should have paid Berrian too much money which definitely would have meant that Briggs wouldn't have signed. Losing Berrian is not a big deal, keeping Briggs is. Sure the contract stuff could have been neater, but the business worked out this way and I'm fine with it. The defense is intact and the offense is without over-hyped egos. The Bears will be better next year and that at least is very comforting.

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