Saturday, March 01, 2008

Act now or you will forever be held responsible

I know this is too many posts for one day or one section of unimportant season, but the Bears off-season needs are so apparent and their supposed addressing of them is so incompetent that I cannot keep quiet. Michael Turner is the best available and easily signable for the Bears. It may be a deep draft class, but Benson was the best in his and he is an absolute bust. Turner is simply the best option hands down! Moss is beyond that. In simple terms he would make every team better. There is absolutely no excuse beyond stubborn laziness and stupidity for the 30 million the Bears have not to quickly turn into 10 million and Moss and Turner on the roster. Angelo has outlasted my patience.

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Marcus said...

I still think that when it comes down to it, Angelo really believes that players labeled "the best in the league" aren't actually that much better than players no one cares about, so his overall practice is to let other teams do all the crazy high-priced bidding well he waits patiently for the more "sober" market to arrive. I think he's committed to that idea to the point that there's not much of a chance anything could ever convince him otherwise (like, say, the Bears offenses he's fielded). In his mind, offering a huge contract to Moss would be just as bad an idea as offering a huge contract to Berrian; the disparity between their skill levels is not as much as perceived, he believes. Angelo has always behaved this way, and he just knows he's right.

In some ways, I think Lovie is the perfect coach for Angelo, for better or worse. Lovie's scheme doesn't really need outstanding players to make it work. His Rams defense certainly had nobody like Urlacher or Harris, and it worked nearly as well. Unfortunately, the Bears don't have an offensive system that works the same way, and I'm not sure if there could ever be such a thing as an offensive system that works the same way. Angelo, though, and I think Lovie too, want to believe that offense works the same way, and so there's no reason to spend extra money for individual players.

It's stupid not to go after Turner, but I doubt it'll happen. It's stupid not to at least see what the possibilities are with Moss, now that it's obvious he's actually willing to field offers, but I doubt it'll ever happen. Angelo will be content to sign someone like Bryant Johnson, believing that he's getting someone whose talent has been underappreciated. He'll gamble on someone like that a thousand times before he'd ever consider the possibility of paying high for a player whose talent might be overvalued.

That's all absolutely the most annoying thing about Angelo, but I don't think it completely discredits him as a GM. He's obviously better than Dan Snyder, for instance, who has pretty much the opposite problem. Ultimately, hoping the Bears will land the big names in free agency is kind of fruitless. On the other hand, I fully expect them to be a good team next season, and barring a similar (to this season) rash of injuries, they'll make the playoffs. But until one of Angelo's "undervalued" talents finally pans out, we're not going to see a really solid offense. So, you know, maybe someone like Bryant Johnson will finally work out for once... I guess...