Monday, March 03, 2008

This Crazy Mixed Up World

Um, so... wtf? Since when do we have to turn to the Sun-Times for a reasonable defense of the Bears' free agency so far? I pretty much agree with everything Mulligan says in this article, which is weird.

The only thing I'm really upset about how Angelo's handled free agency so far is that he wasn't aggressive enough in pursuing Michael Turner. Who knows why. But losing Berrian's not a bad thing, and it'll be kinda funny watching him become the most hated player on the Vikings over the next few years. Finally, Vikings fans will have a receiver worthy of their constant complaining!

I really do wonder, though, if the Bears are actually as committed as they seem to be trying to indicate to the idea of Hester becoming a number 1 receiver. Although he was totally underutilized last year, I didn't really see anything about his receiver play that made me think he was on the verge of becoming a legit number 1. I'm sure the Bears'll end up signing a few more receivers before its time for camp, but none of them will be in a better situation to become the top receiver on the team than Hester and Bradly will be. Actually, that should be wide receiver, since the top receiver will most likely be Greg Olsen, I bet. And I'm fine with that.

Now when are we gonna get an offensive line?!

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