Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here's probably what happened: After two years of carrying the team without any semblance of an offense, the Bears' defense was starting to feel a little sad and neglected after all of this talk about Grossman being the new McMahon/Luckman and how the Bears offense was now so flashy and awesome and all of that. Everyone seemed to have forgotten about the defense. I mean, sure, there was talk about how they were dominating and such, but they were no longer the sole focus of all the talk. The defense and special teams frankly got a little jealous. They thought, "Hey! We know how to win games all by ourselves! Sure, a working offense is nice, but, c'mon, it's just not all that necessary!" And in order to prove it, Mike Brown and Brian Urlacher got together and worked a little magic, with the help of the Chicago football gods, and spiked Grossman's gatorade. Just to further their point, they decided to take the first quarter off and give the Cards a 14-point head start. Shutouts are nice and all, but where's the excitement? No one could doubt the greatness of the Bears D/ST if they managed to pull off a victory all by themselves in a game they once trailed 20-0, right?

Seriously, though, hopefully someone on the Bears offensive coaching staff will sit down with little Rexy and make sure he understands how unnecessary he is for wins. It's nice if he can put together a decent drive now and then, and, seriously, it's easier to throw the big play after you've lulled the other team's defense into thinking you're just going to manage the game, but if you try to start out with the big play and it doesn't work, you need to get ahold of yourself and build off of some solid play. Okay? You're not necessary to win games, but it makes it a little tougher if you're going to be all Favre-like and throw the ball to the other team four times... sheesh...

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