Sunday, October 08, 2006

I read Boomer Esiason's lips during the half-time program and he said, twice I believe, that the Bears are the best team in the NFL right now. If Boomer says it, I'm convinced. I was kind of worried that there would be a bit of a letdown after the last game, since it was all "this will be the game where we see how good the Bears really are" and some people stuck with that. Some people just said, "Look, the Seahawks just aren't as good as they were last year. Hasselbeck's struggling. No Shaun Alexander." After five weeks of football I think there's now a pretty established pattern: after the Bears play a team, there's a few more people on the bandwagon, and the rest of the people just decide that the team they played against wasn't very good. I think Buffalo, this week's team unfortunate enough to play against the Bears, are actually a pretty good team, but that only puts them better than about twenty of the other teams in the NFL. The Bears are way better than about twenty of the other teams in the NFL. Most encouraging, though, is that there was no letdown. A week after the Bears dominated in every phase of the game, they came back and dominated even more in every phase of the game.

Driving home from mom's I was listening, mainly I guess so I'd have something to complain about when it hadn't turned into a Chicago Bears praise station, to ESPN radio. The Chargers beat the Steelers, who are kind of stuck right now since Roethlisberger's decided to have his rookie pains this year. The Chargers are back to being in everyone's book as one of the elite teams, and they're defense does seem to be pretty good, but I think that their coach is really holding them back. He seems to actually have an aversion to scoring points. He wants to score just enough to win and then sit on the lead. Everyone knows this, but I don't think that even most critics of "Martyball" realize why this is actually a dumb strategy, which is that at any point in a game something freak could happen and the other team could all of a sudden have seven points that they didn't even earn. So sitting on any lead of fewer than seven points is stupid. Sure, you'll win most games if you get really good at it, but it's more of a gamble than most people seem to realize. You're not playing to win if you're not going for a big lead; you're only playing for a chance to win.

By the way, congratulations to Philip Rivers, who was declared a man today by the Westwood radio crew. They actually got to watch the "maturation" process, which in most humans take's several years and is only noticeable if you see a person about once every couple of months, but Philip Rivers grew hair where it matters right out there in front of everyone! I got to watch a little bit of the first half, and he did look kind of young, so I'm kind of curious to see him now with his new man-sized Adam's apple, and I really hope he has a kickass beard.

I won two fantasy games in a row! I'm so fracking jazzed! Guess who's carrying my fantasy team? Robbie Gould! No, seriously, I blew away my opponent this week, and as of right now have the second highest fantasy score, mainly because of Robbie Gould and the Bears' Defense. The guy I'm playing started Seattle's kicker. Seattle has a bye. So maybe he's not paying any attention to his team anymore. But I still won! and I would have beat almost everyone else in my league! If only I knew any of them so I could get all cocky about how I'm being carried by Bears fantasy entities...

Wait, Jacksonville beat NYJ 41-0? I didn't hear about that at all... wtf? People were too busy running stories about how TO in Philly turned out not to really be a story... god the sports media sucks...

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