Monday, October 16, 2006

Well, after two weeks of decent fantasy scores for my team, pretty much nothing worked for me this week. I've been struggling all year because I completely failed to take into account the importance of running backs and the dearth of decent ones in the league before my draft. But I managed to pick up Domonic Rhodes several weeks ago, who hasn't really put up many points but at least has been used a few times each week. And then a two weeks ago I managed to pick up M. Jones-Drew, who last week finally gave me decent fantasy points for a running back. Both Rhodes and Jones-Drew had bye weeks this week, however... I thought I'd be alright, though, cuz I'd picked up M.Turner along the way, and the way San Diego had been running their back, it looked like there was a really good chance of Turner putting up some stats against the 49ers. Well, San Diego put up 48 frickin points, but Shanahan decided this week to only give Turner the ball once for no yards. Augh!! Now I know why fantasy owners everywhere hate coaches like Schottenheimer... The other running back I had as a starter was Musa Smith, who for the past couple of weeks was looking more and more like he should take over for Jamal Lewis as Baltimore's starter, since JL sucks a lot, so of course, this week, Smith decides to audition for a losers league spot and fumble the ball one of the two time he touched the ball. Augh!! And then there's Randy Moss, who is on a team so hapless they don't even know how get him some touchdowns. I saw about five minutes of the Oak/Den game last night, and every time I turned to the game Oakland was giving up the ball. No one could exaggerate how bad of a team Oakland is. And then I've got Travis Henry on the bench, who I picked up last week just in case he looked like he might get good enough to take a spot when Tennessee plays weak run defenses, and he rushed for 178 yards against Washington... I've got Grossman, Gould, and Bears D/ST all left to give me some points, so hopefully they decide to give Arizona an unprecedented beatdown. So here's hoping Grossman throws for five touchdowns, none to Berrian (who's on my opponents team), the defense sacks and/or intercepts Leinart ten times, causes and recovers ten fumbles, scores five touchdowns, and doesn't give up a points, and Hester returns a couple kicks for scores, and for good measure, Gould kicks eight field goals. It could happen! It will happen!

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