Saturday, October 07, 2006

So... last weekend was a little too awesome for words, but I found myself feeling a little down this whole. I couldn't figure out why, but I loosely blamed it on the fact that the Bears don't really have any competition, and I don't just mean in their schedule, I mean, I really think the Bears are capable of being historically great this year, and there aren't any other teams who have anything like that potential. So the Bears' awesomeness will kind of go wasted, since nobody can even hope to compete with them. But then I realized that I was just kind of sick. Which sucks. But now that I'm not quite as sick anymore, it's okay, and I can just be happy about how frickin' great the Bears are. On to other matters.

Rick Morrissey is weird. He writes a column about how the Bears should just go ahead and not lose for the rest of the season so we don't have to hear about the '72 Dolphins anymore, a sentiment that I can totally get behind. But then in his little blurb about his pick this week, he picks the Bears to beat Buffalo 21-7, and then says that people in Chicago are stupid because they think the Bears are so good but, c'mon, Seattle didn't even have Shaun Alexander! The victory hardly counts! So, Rick Morrissey thinks the Bears are great, but that people who think the Bears are great are laughable. Okay.

Really, though, I've been thinking about it all week, and the Bears really do have a chance to go undefeated. But then, lots of teams have had a chance to go undefeated. It's way harder to do than to win a Super Bowl. Not to mention the fact that if the Bears do end up, say, 14-0 or something, Lovie'll probably end up resting a lot of the starters, since 14 wins will probably end up being good enough for home field advantage in the playoffs. It would be pretty nice, though, if they did. Also, enough with the '85 Bears already. I love them as much as any Bears fan, but I kind of think it's more fun to just focus right now on how good the current Bears are. Mmhmm.

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