Friday, February 29, 2008

Save us Rex!

Angelo is supposed to love Rex right? He's basically so motivated to be proven right about Rex that the rest of the organization comes second to his narcissistic desire to have built the franchise around his self-picked golden child? For once I want all the jerks and whiners in the Chicago media to be right, I want Angelo to be so obsessed with getting that right that like a rich dad on his daughter's 16th birthday he throws his sobriety out the window and asks Rex what he wants, anything, he can have anything. In this one moment Angelo will make up for all the games he missed, all the other birthdays he had to work late, all the getaways he took with his mistress while his daughter stayed home. And Rex will tell him that he needs Randy Moss and Michael Turner more than anyone else, that only they can make him love again. Then they'll cry and embrace and Angelo will make the calls and get it done, and they'll live on just like before but with silent acceptance that their love is conditional.

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