Sunday, April 27, 2008

blogging Bears post-draft

How great is Lovie!? He hates talking to the media plain and simple. He showed up in a striped polo raving about Williams and Forte but it took every fiber in his personality to say anything about the Bears situation. Williams is absolutely who they were after, no doubt. Forte is Benson in '08. The Bears were after a starter and Forte is a starter on their board. They could've looked at a speed back, but they don't trust Benson and Wolfe and Hester are on the roster. Forte is a character back and he is a power, three-down back and Benson will get a chance to earn a spot but this pick is a replacement, absolutely.
I love that the Bears were after intelligence no. 1 in this draft. After last year I felt that intelligence wasn't really a premium on the roster and now it's firmly in the mix. Also, I love that the Bears got who they targeted top three. Bennett is Booker as a rookie, great routes, great hands, smart and productive.
Greg Gabriel is a stud! Why have I never seen this guy before, Lovie should just give him notes and turn him loose every week. Awesome press conference, awesome!
Harrison is a great 3b. He slides right into the Bears rotation if anything goes wrong with 91 or DD and if not he's not gonna tie the Bears down. If he's healthy he's a steal, prolly better than Tank if not he's a prime IR or cut candidate, no loss a lot of cieling!
Steltz is a Bear. He's not gonna start but he can learn the spot, he has ball skills and he's gonna be a special teams stud! Toube has to love this pick and it absolutely displaces AA. Perfect choice for round 4.
Bowman is a very worthy risk. The Bears love to IR rookies so injury history isn't really a big deal. Bowman makes RMJr. expendable if he's healthy and he gives great depth as a four or five corner not to mention blazing return ability on both sides. Again Toube has to be McLovin(sorry) day 2!
Davis is a specimen. 6'7" and he can block. Gilmore is gone and certainly forgotten. Daivs is our new three and great value at bottom 5!
Baldwin has numbers. I still don't know much about Bazuin but he's feeling the pressure with this pick. I have no idea if the Bears will consider carrying a fourth DE but this guy has the ability to push anyone below Wale and Brown and is a solid 7th.
It's straight numbers at this point. Adams, LaRoque, and Barton are special teams flyers and camp bodies. Look for IR or chip-on-the-shoulder production for these guys to make it past week 4 of the pre-season.
Finally, Monk is a freak. I know he's the last pick but I'm seriously fuckin pumped about this pick. Over 6'4" 4.45 forty and good hands. He may not turn out obviously but this is my darkhorse for Bears 2/3WR(I still think Devin's most effective in a versatile Reggie Bush type role) this year. With him in camp it's gonna be easy to forget 80!

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