Friday, April 18, 2008

Forgetting BB

I believe it was the Chicago media who did the most squawking when BB bolted to Minny for a substantially overinflated contract. DH said it was the biggest gaffe of the off-season. Let Briggs go but don't let an unproven deep threat earn more than you can afford to pay him. Ruin your pay structure and break up the best LB tandem in Chicago's history but don't let BB catch 900 yards of deep-balls in Minnesota next season!
And now Chad Johnson is the worst idea ever. How is not over-paying for 80 a crime and not looking into a hall of famer a stroke of genius? Johnson would immediately improve an offense that everyone says is going to keep the Bears in the cellar. Sure he could talk a lot but even TO, who is obviously unstable, was fine for one year and he's been fine in Dallas. 85 will be happy if he's winning, no one has ever questioned that.
The Bears shouldn't give up anything essential, but they have a lot of tradeable value on D and any draft pick below 1 available to send to Cinci if they're listening. It's not a done deal but Angelo is I hope looking into it.
I'm convinced that Haugh doesn't want the Bears to be good, which just makes it even more infuriating that he's in Chicago. Mariotti and Rosenbloom already have the pessimism market cornered; isn't there anyone outside Halas Hall who likes winning?

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