Wednesday, April 16, 2008

more great stuff from DH

First David Haugh points out that the home media over-emphasizes any negativity coming out of the Chicago crowd, then he points out that this is largely the same old 7-9 team from last year. Coincidentally it's also pretty much the same team that went to the Super Bowl the year before they lost 7 defensive starters in the first 6 weeks. Asking how this team is better than last year's team is pointless. There are too many right answers. Instead the question is why won't this team be better than last year's? I don't have an answer, I don't think Haugh does either but he thinks his job is to heap negativity on the city so he doesn't have to try.
Also he inexplicably picks the Bears to start 0-3 and then beat Philly? Then he picks a Vikings sweep and home losses to the Jags and Saints before losing at Houston! WTF!!? Even the most pessimistic analyst wouldn't pick a 4-4 home record and another Vikings sweep. I'm not sure what his job is supposed to be, but if it's anything other than unreasonable pessimism he's surely not doing it. What reason possibly exists for him to have a job in Chicago?

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Marcus said...

My favorite part:
"With due respect to the Colts' and Panthers' defenses, Bears coach Lovie Smith might even feel a little relieved not to have to unveil his offense in Chicago until Sept. 21 against Tampa Bay.

"Smith never will admit that—no NFL coach ever would risk alienating his fan base."

See how he did that? First he created the idea himself that Smith might be afraid of how the fans will react to his offense, then he gets to criticize Smith for his favorite thing: his secrets! Also note how he has managed to criticize nearly everything having anything to do with the Bears in this one small idea. The fans are such jerks that the team is probably happy to start with away games; the team sucks so much that they're better off starting with away games; and Smith is such a conniving secret-keeper that he not only will prefer to start with away games to stay away from the fans that he fears and hates, but he also won't be willing to admit it.

Nice going. Seriously, if Haugh is so disgusted about everything involving the Bears, why doesn't he find a new job? Like the gossip pages, where it would make sense to constantly be railing against people for not speaking well to the press?