Friday, April 18, 2008



Yeah, the Vikings have had an a pretty good defense for the past two seasons, but it was entirely a one-dimensional defense. I know for whatever reason the Bears always have trouble with the Vikes, but the team has never actually scared me as much as they would if they acquired Jared Allen. They've still got crap secondary, but adding Allen to their extant defensive line would go a long way toward making their secondary seem a lot better... I seriously hope this does not end up happening.

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micah james said...

It's true that Allen will help the Vikes, but the benefit to the Bears should not be overlooked. From now until the Bears prove otherwise everyone will be saying that the Bears Defense isn't in the top half of their division and especially that the Vikes have the best D-line in the NFL. This will simply not sit well with Tommie Harris and the gang and I don't think it will be too long into the season before they prove that the best line in football is in Chicago!