Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Bears were just severely outcoached by the worst coaching staff in the NFL. Adrian Peterson is the ONLY good player on the Vikings. If he doesn't score there is simply no way to lose to them.
If the offense isn't the worst in the NFL, the Bears win that game.
Brian Griese, thanks but go home, you simply don't have it anymore. Two interceptions, should have been three, and one directly cost the Bears the three points they lost by!
Lovie WAKE UP! This season is over they way things are. Without drastic change the Bears will lose at least 10 games.
Make Devin Hester Greg Olsen Berrian the features of the offense. Forget everything else until you figure out how to make them look good.
Start Blitzing again!!
That was all-around the worst performance ive seen since Arizona. Maybe since Henry Burris' one start.

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