Tuesday, October 16, 2007

now is the time just before death in which the critical choice is made

Though it's true that this team is clearly not who we thought they were, I still am not ready to revert to pre2006 fan-mode yet. I watch the Bears for fun true, but also they are a full-fledged obsession that I'm not ready to call foolish yet. This same team was in the Super Bowl last year!
While I admit there's no chance of a repeat I'm still calling for immediate change. Bring in Kyle Orton, if he is as bad as Rexiese the Bears will be out of the playoff race in 5 weeks, four games, and the Bears can turn back to Rex and see if he can do enough to earn a one year contract to battle for the job with Orton and some new guys under a new offensive coordinator with a shiny new scheme. Make Devin Hester the focal point of the offense for god's sake! He needs to be on the field half of the snaps and at least 15 total touches a game. Keep using the TE's. Run two TE's like 80 percent of the snaps. This allows for better blocking and play action. For those people who have been watching the Bears this year, Play-action is when the QB fakes a hand-off and then throws a pass.
With these changes I guarantee playoffs this season or at least a brighter next season.
A new coordinator is absolutely essential and my candidates in order are Scott Liniehan if he does enough to get fired in St. Lous, Cincinnati's offensive coordinator, he has a good history, but he's been in cinci a long time and may not want to leave, and Gary Zampieze, cinci's quarterback coach he has been successful everywhere he's been, he knows how to develop quarterbacks and he's young and energetic, perfect for Lovie's system.
However a new coach wont matter without better O-line play. The Bears have been simply atrocious this year. A new scheme and better play from the skill players would go a long way to changing this, but even more important is getting the best Left tackle available. Tait can move back to the right where he'll be an immense improvement over Miller. Honestly, I don't know anything about guards, but however they do it they need better play from them as well.
This should leave enough money to resign Briggs and Harris. I still think this defense is stacked when Brown comes back and I have no worries that they will be great again sooner rather than later.

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Marcus said...

Well, now I feel like a bit of a douche because it looks like I beat Mariotti to the punch in calling it over. Although I want to clarify, for myself, that I did not mean to imply the Bears season is over; I'm just not going to watch them expecting to see the team I watched last year. I'm going to watch them hoping to see improvement every game. There's still too much football to be played and they have too much talent on the team to count them out of the playoffs, but they have to stop thinking about the playoffs at all. They need to just focus on each game, and trying to get better and play better each game, and trying to win, even if they can't dominate like they used to. I just meant, as a fan, I'm taking my eyes off the Super Bowl and the playoffs. I'm just going to hope for a win every week, and I'll be super duper pumped as shit if they're still playing come January.

And I can't even even hear what's happening over there in Boston. As far as I'm concerned, come Sunday, all that's happening in the NFL is Chicago vs. Philadelphia.