Friday, February 22, 2008

At least Haugh isn't the Bears GM

If I recall correctly, David Haugh was firmly in the Griese corner last year or at least he was never in the Rex corner. Plus he's had a lot of anti-Briggs sentiment despite him being a solid performer. Now in this off-season he thinks the Bears didn't show enough support for Rex and that they absolutely should have franchised Berrian. One of his major points is that keeping Berrian would mean Rex would stay, like they're two children who will only play if they get to be on the same team, and the Bears now need Rex badly because he doesn't like Orton. His other main premise is that Berrian was the best of a poor receiving corps so the Bears just have to overpay for him or risk getting even worse. He's also now hating on Bradly who definitely isn't an NFL one but probably deserves to be on the roster.
So Haugh thinks that Angelo's big mistake this year is failing to overpay for mediocre talent that is already much cheaper on the roster? Angelo's best move is to hold firm with his valuation of Grossman and Berrian as he did with Moose knowing that Orton, Bradley, Booker and others are capable of performing just as well for far less money. Then he can use the money saved to overpay an all-pro like Briggs or Moss.


Marcus said...

And here's one of Haugh's brilliant displays of stylistic pyrotechnics:

"Will the last proven wide receiver out of Halas Hall please turn off the lights?"

Um... Is he implying that Berrian is a proven wide receiver? All the talk before this year was about how Berrian was going to have a breakout season after a 2006 season in which he showed a lot of potential. Instead, as everyone knows, he regressed. The bears do need to make a play for a proven wide receiver, but they have to do that whether Berrian stays or not, because Berrian's presence has no effect on the number of proven wide receivers hanging out on the Bears' roster.

Marcus said...

Although I have to say, it sounds like the Bears haven't shown any interest in Booker, and there's not really any indication that they are going to go after a proven wide receiver (which, this year, would require making a pretty big play for one, not just the general waiting around to see what falls in your lap that Angelo normally does when it comes to offensive players). A lot of those quotes of Angelo from Haugh's column are just as annoying as Haugh intended them to be. Mainly, Angelo's talk about trying to create "sobriety" in the market. That's all well and good, but there are GM's out there who have no interest in sobriety, and sometimes you're going to have to play by their rules when it comes to nabbing important players.

Also, despite the fact that it would be just stupid to let Briggs go without a fight, all appearances are that that's exactly what Angelo intends to do. We'll see once free agency comes, but I'm pretty pessimistic about the Bears doing much to match any offers Briggs gets from other teams.