Monday, February 04, 2008

post Super Bowl

I feel like it's necessary for me to record my non-NY/Boston thoughts on the end of the NFL season.
Bill Belichick is a complete ass in every sense of the word. A head coach leaving the field before the end of the most watched game of the season is so disgusting. It's funny how much everyone's trying to avoid this. This game was all about NE, it was their perfect season to win or lose. I can't believe neither Belichick nor Brady were on the sideline when it ended. They've won half of the past six Super Bowls and they still didn't have the class to congratulate their opponent, it's unfathomable to me. Even without Spygate Belichick should be handed a major fine for disrespecting the Super Bowl like that. Say what you want about Lovie and Dungy's total disinterest in the happenings on the field but they're high class. Much was said about their character last year and as much should be said about NE's lack of it this year. I want to know how many Pats were on the field for the last snap and who they were and it should be noted that Randy Moss was there. The best player on the best team who made the play he could to help them win but with the spotty character. How much time and money have gone into praise of Brady and Belichick and in the end Randy Moss would have won the game if he could have gotten the ball and he stuck around to watch the end. I hope it was the last this he does in the NFL that's not in Burnt and Blue!
Speaking of class, I can't stand another Manning year. Peyton's a hilarious actor, but god are the Manning's boring personalities. I'll love Rex through and through if he's our QB next year, but until the competition ends I'm cheering for Orton all the way. We need a neckbeard media storm next season! And after this game I'm certain that Moss can be bought in the off-season. Randy Moss will win the Super Bowl if he's on the Bears next year. He is that important. If it's the only move the Bears make it's the only one that matters.
Another great thing this game did is keep the '85 Bears as the best team ever! And seriously, Fuck the '72 Dolphins I actually think they're bigger dicks than the Pats. They will always be undefeated, it doesn't matter if anyone else is they still will be. But no one will ever think they were the best team ever. The Pats were 18-0 once and the Bears were the best ever. They should just enjoy that they were undefeated once and they should forget about everything else.

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