Thursday, February 28, 2008

Randy Moss

Tonight feels just like the night before the first regular season game. I'm tired but I can't stop thinking about tomorrow so I can't fall asleep. Nothing can be won tomorrow, it's the first step on the incredibly arduous road to Super Bowl victory and yet it impedes my sleep. Injuries can always ruin a season, even during the actual game a single injury could ruin the entire season, but still Randy Moss becomes a free agent tomorrow. The Bears have a myriad of needs and there's probably no chance Moss will sign in Chicago, yet Randy Moss is all Chicago needs. With him they are instantly in the running for best team since the '85 Bears and possibly best team ever. Even Ron Turner makes sense with Moss. He loves the vertical passing game, so do Rex and Orton, and everyone wants to play for Lovie. How could any defense line up against Moss, Hester, Olsen, Turner and either Clark or Booker? It'd be impossible. Plus the Bears defense can be easily upgraded with Eugene Wilson or Mike Doss and Rosevelt Colvin.
I don't know where they are right now, but I hope Angelo and Moss are both awake thinking about how perfectly Moss and the Bears fit together.

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