Friday, February 08, 2008

Brian Urlacher: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

So my boy Brian, that old lacker of Ur, proud papa and formerly dominant linebacker in a proud lineage of formerly dominant middle linebackers in Chicago, you know the guy, and you know that he just had neck surgery. Apparently. Since the Bears are based in Chicago that means its time for rampant pessimism and pointless criticism of the organization, and also it's time to assume that the Bears might now be the worst team in the league for the next 75 years because of it. It's very sad.

However, I've decided that there's another response to be had. In a recent article from the Trib, they interview various doctors about what could possibly be the reason for Urlacher's surgery, and his likely prognosis. One of them came back with this quote:

As one doctor put it, "It's plausible he might come back even stronger."

I'm just going to assume that by "plausible" he actually means "absolutely %100 the case," and start the celebration of Urlacher's resumption of dominance right now. In fact, following Urlacher's neck surgery, I'm a little confused about why they haven't announced the cancellation of the 2008 season and just given the Lombardi trophy to Mr. Urlacher and the Bears. It must be that they're looking forward to Brian having the best season ever by a middle linebacker as much as I am!

Seriously, though. Regardless of Urlacher's prognosis, this latest news would make it even stupider for the Bears to not do everything possible to re-sign Lance Briggs.

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