Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oh, This is a Good One

David Haugh's post-Super Bowl article is about the possibility that Rex could ever pull something off like Manning did. Most of the article is actually a pretty decent argument that Manning's apparent "ascent into manhood" or whatever supposedly happened is a little exaggerated, since Manning got lucky several of his throws weren't picked off and that 17 points was all he needed to score to win thanks to the ridiculous play of the Giants' defensive line (the fact that Manning was named MVP is stupid; that play to Tyree was amazing, but Manning didn't do a whole lot for most of the game while the Giants' defensive line dominated for pretty much the entire game; Umenyiora and Justin Tuck should've been co-MVPs). But then Haugh comes out with this zinger near the end:

The difference in their respective rosters and the level of commitment their organizations showed in them is real.

Yes, that is an actual member of the Chicago media now criticizing the Bears' organization for not showing a high enough level of commitment to Rex Grossman... Eat shit, douchebag.

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