Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am Insane (and Probably Stupid)

So, I didn't really care about tonight's game at all (I mean, aside from the Vikings and the Patriots and the Giants, the Packers and Cowboys are my two most hated teams, and I just couldn't care less who defeats whom), but then glancing at ESPN I learned that Favre had to leave the game with a shoulder injury, and suddenly I'm thinking: Holy Crap! Without Favre, the Packer's could pretty conceivably lose out the rest of the season (I know, they play Oakland and St. Louis next week and the following, and Aaron Rodgers looked pretty legit in the preseason...) which would leave them with a 10-6 record. The Bears, if they win all their games, will end up with 10-6. And they'll have the tie-breaker with the Pack, cuz they'd have beaten them twice again... which would make the Bears the NFC North division champs! And for at least these few moments, there's no convincing me that this won't happen! This is destiny peering out from hiding and saying, "Oh, whoops, the Bears are the rightful NFC North champions!"

Yes, this is what being a fan does to you. I am hoping that Favre is done so the Pack will crap out and the Bears will be able to eke out a division title even though they've sucked it up for the first two-thirds of the season. And I'd love it!

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