Monday, November 26, 2007

If the Bears make the playoffs I'm totally getting a windy city flyer tattoo

I'm still gonna stay off the playoff wagon so I can actually enjoy the games and not worry about the implications of every Rex Grossman turnover and Adam Archuleta missed tackle, but if if if if the Bears beat NY WAS MIN and NO they are in the playoffs! That's four ifs and it's one game at a time and all that, but their playoff hopes are squarely in Devin Hester's hands and I'm totally ok with that.

Speaking of Hester, he is now 3 returns away from being the all-time leader. I'm betting he does it this year and then has 10 seasons to build his lead over Brian Mitchell. Not sure if he ever had Hall Of Fame hopes, but Hester has pretty much blown them out of the water I think.

In thinking about the Bears drafts, picking Manning Hester Payne etc. the Bears are one of the most athletic teams in the NFL. Maybe Lovie isn't a great X and O coach, but if he can get plays out of athleticism. He's all about big plays, embracing Momentum. Which I think will always be risky, but if they ever stay healthy this team is crazy. This off-season they need to shed all the nonathletic players and embrace Lovie's philosophy. I also think Rex deserves another year in Chicago if he wants it. Cut Greise and let Rex Orton and someone else compete, this is a big-play team and Rex throws a beautiful deep ball.

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