Sunday, November 25, 2007

Something Positive about the O-Line

So, if I'd been keeping up with posts here at Bears Geek, I'd have certainly been complaining about how shitty the offensive line has been so far this year. But since everything else about the team has been just as shitty, I haven't done a lot of complaining about the old fogeys that pretend to protect our pretend quarterbacks. But here's something good about our line: Peterson's touchdown was a thing of pure smash-mouth football beauty. (from the Tribune's internet portal).

History will show it as a 4-yard touchdown run for Adrian Peterson with just over five minutes left in regulation. That will be far from the whole story.

Indeed, if Peterson gets credit for 4 rushing yards, maybe Olin Kreutz, Terrence Metcalf and John Tait should as well.

Peterson was stopped just short of the goal line on the carry over the Bears' left side behind John Tait and Terrence Metcalf.

But Peterson kept trying to move the pile of defenders, so Olin Kreutz joined him in the push-fest, and the others quickly got the idea.

"Most of the time you'll hear a whistle from the officials, but they were letting it go," Tait said. "I looked back and saw Olin pushing by himself, so I figured I better get in there and push too."

So was it Peterson pushing the linemen into the end zone or them pushing him?

"Oh, no, it was all them," Peterson said, laughing. "I was pushing myself and started to stop, and all of a sudden I felt them, so I knew it wasn't all me. I just squeezed the ball and fell in."

Peterson insists his feet never left the ground. That's his story and he's sticking to it.

"Sometimes you get wide-open touchdown runs," he said, "and sometimes you have to fight to get in the end zone."

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