Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yes, It has Truly Come to This

Right now the Vikings are almost blowing out the Giants... And I'm excited about it! Because that means that I was right and Giants really are pretty shitty, or at least nowhere near as good as the East Coast sports press wanted to believe they were (big surprise...). There's no way it can mean that the Vikings are actually a good team. So I'm not even worried about that.

But here's the thing: The Lions have lost two in a row now and are 6 and 5, and with little reason to believe that they'll not keep on losing. And if the Giants lose today (and we win today), then we can beat them next week, and after that the Giants have a pretty tough schedule which will probably just contribute even more to them crapping out for the rest of the season (and then Coughlin might get fired... which would mean that they might actually be able to become a real time in the next few years, which would bother me a lot...)

So, other stuff could all happen, too, but what I'm basically trying to say is that, yes, it's true, I've managed to talk myself into believing that the Bears are really not out of it! They're so close! And all they have to do is win most of their remaining games (well, probably, all of them, but, you know...) So! This is it! This is where the season starts! At home against a very beatable Denver team! The sins of the past two-thirds of the season forgotten! This is where the Bears start their desperate claw back into playoff contention! This is when they start pulling out every game, grabbing victory from the bloody jaws of defeat, week after week! This is where their defense slowly begins to regain their strength, until, after snatching a narrow victory over the Packers at Lambeau field for the NFC championship, their second consecutive NFC championship and their third consecutive win over the Packers, making them the only team to have beaten the Packers all season, they'll be on their way to Arizona, just like they predicted they would be at the beginning of the season, where they'll be 30 points underdogs to the Patriots! And they'll show the type of grit and determination and charm and likeability and un-slobbiness that the Patriots only wish they could put together! And they'll win the Super Bowl in the last seconds of the game! It's happening! And it all starts here (well, in Chicago I mean)! Today! In an hour! Bear Down, motherfucker, Bear Down!

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