Monday, November 19, 2007

Mike Brown '08 defensive player of the year

Well, that loss sucked. But it was fun to watch the Bears play well for a change. They looked pretty good, but this year's team is simply not a very good NFL team. For starters, they don't have much at Strong Safety and they have a rookie at corner. Rookie corners get burned in the NFL by quarterbacks like Hasselbeck. More importantly Tommie Harris and Brian Urlacher are not the players they need to be right now to make up for those losses. I think if either one of them was fully healthy the Bears win that game.
On the other side, Fred Miller is done in this league. He's had a great career, but he cannot play tackle on the road anymore. Ron Turner is also done. He has exactly zero creativity and it has killed the Bears this whole year.

Off the field, I liked Lovie's press conference this week. I'm very encouraged by his outlook. It seems like he's learned a lot this year and I anticipate a solid offseason. The Bears were too complacent last year, they let success override evaluation and they're paying for it now. I assume Lovie will look very hard at every spot on the roster this year and will come up with his own plan. He seemed more of an observer before, sitting in playing Angelo's cards. Angelo will get his draft, but I think Lovie's really going to put his stamp on the coaching staff and roster this year.

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