Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Windy City Flyer

Today was the most exciting day of the Bears season so far for me. The Green Bay win was amazing, and I thoroughly believed it marked a turn-around, but I was annoyed at the Bears being in that situation and was looking ahead at the standings. Now I'm just abuzz about Lovie declaration of every decision being made for only the next week. He didn't say "Rex Grossman is our quarterback." He said Rex will start Sunday. This marks the first time that I can remember that he's ever acted as anything but a pragmatist. It's wonderful!
This new attitude I believe will spread to all aspects of the team. Hester and Olsen should continue their elevation, Archuleta is on a short leash if he forgets how to play safety again, and AP will see more and more time if he outperforms Benson. Finally I feel like Lovie's looking at the same situation I am and it makes me smile.
Speaking of smiling, I love Rex's response to the question about his contract status, "I think I already missed the boat on the big one." Rex just might turn out okay.
And I can't leave out how impressed I was with Daniel Manning in Oakland. He was perfect and looks for all the world like the natural talent he's supposed to be. The Bears secondary looks like they might be in shape to accept Brown back and not have it ruin their season if he goes down again. They'll never be as amazing without him, but as long as their still quality I'll be happy.

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