Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mariotti is such a douche, and everyone who follows him

I just watched Lovie's press-conference following the QB decision and I have to say that I'm worried about him. He looks really ragged. It scared me. Lovie is lovable and optimistic and a good football coach, but right now he looks like he's very, very tired. I hope the Bears win every game. But I also want Lovie around a long time. I'm more pissed than ever at the fucking horrible Chicago media. Give him, give them all a break. Sure we expect more but come on your criticisms are too personal and too much. I'd soo much rather see the reporters fired than the team. I hope Lovie and the Bears pull it off and I hope Lovie feels better. I really do.

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Marcus said...

Lovie definitely looks like one stressed out dude, but I'm sure it's more the fact that his team's not responding than it is the reporters. The Chicago media should mostly be fired for sucking anyway, though. The ratio of actual analysis (or even attempts at actual analysis) to sensationalistic personal attacks is ridiculous. What Mariotti really needs to do is become a gossip columnist instead of just behaving as one in the sports reporting world.