Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First installment of my offseason wishplan.

In the first installment of my totally insane mission to know way too much about the Bears I've actually scoured several team sites to find a path that I think could be taken to fixing this mess. I have little doubt that this will be nothing but a waste of time, but I feel compelled to do something. To begin with I totally trust Lovie on the defensive side of the ball, hands down. On the offensive side though, there is much to be desired. Following Loive's stated mission of "getting off the plane running the football" I think the '08 offensive search must begin with a running coach.
In looking at O-line coaches of the top running teams I found some interesting prospects, but there is one person who particularly stood out as a perfect candidate for Assistant Head Coach Offense/Offensive Line Coach. While Andy Heck has been Offensive Line coach for Jacksonville they have been in the top half for sacks given up and top ten for rushing yards for the last three years including second in rushing this year. He's a former Chicago Bear could turn around one of the worst units in the league this year.
With that out of the way the Bears need a new Offensive Coordinator who will work closely with the AHCO to develop a new system that will bring the Bears offense to respectability. There are three good candidates that I found.
First is Ken Zampese currently Cincinnati's quarterbacks coach. He's young, comes from a football family and has helped turn Carson Palmer into an elite passer.
Second is Kippy Brown. He has past OC experience with Miami, worked with Jimmy Johnson and is currently receivers coach in Detroit.
Third is Tom Clements. He has past OC experience in Buffalo where he directed a successful attack based on Willis McGehee, and is currently the quarterback coach that has Brett Favre playing some of the best football of his career.

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