Monday, December 10, 2007

The Pure Joy of Winning, and Stuff

Last Thursday represented the blotting out of the final weak ray of hope that the Bears might manage some kind of a playoff run, culminating in another shot at the big one. Not that I really thought that was possible for a while, but at least there was that tiny sliver of hope that it could happen.

But, really, that last bit's death couldn't have come at a better time. By which I mean, next week we play the Vikings, and no matter what happens, beating the Vikings is always important. Especially because we have to avenge that disgusting loss from earlier in the season.

Following that, those evil cheese creatures are coming to Soldier Field, and I can always get myself up in the morning over a chance to watch my team ruining Brett Favre's day.

And to top it all off, we get to witness the return of Kyle Orton! I really wasn't sure if I was going to be able to work up any kind of enthusiasm for these last three weeks. I actually envisioned myself not watching the Bears for the rest of the season after their Washington trip.

But today I'm just happy that there's still three weeks left in the season, which means three more Bears games before the long drought of no football that is the off-season.

I have to say w/r/t Orton, that I really actually am looking forward to seeing what the kid can do. It would be a supremely fulfilling story to see him come out and look like a serious pro quarterback for the last three games of the season. At the very least, it could mean that I'll never have to watch Brian Griese trot out onto the field wearing a Bears uniform, ever again.

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