Sunday, December 02, 2007

That Should Not Have Happened

Okay, the Bears should've won that game. There are two huge reasons the Bears did not win that game: Ron Turner is a bad offensive coach, and the Bears offensive line is terrible. Ron Turner has been a bad offensive coach since he came to the Bears, but somehow he managed to hold on to his job through this year. If he doesn't get fired this off season, I'm not even sure if I'll bother watching them next year. Actually, he should never have been hired as an offensive coach. What about his career as a coach made Angelo and/or Smith decide that he should run the show on offense is kind of baffling, but there's no doubt he was an improvement over Terry Shea. Of course, I would have been an improvement over Terry Shea.


Also, when two-fifths of the starters on your offensive line shouldn't ever be anything but backups, there's not too much of a surprise when they let a good NY defensive line treat them like a welcome mat. But they shouldn't have been in this position in the first place. The only moves the Bears have made over the past several years to breathe new life in their offensive line involved Columbo and Rex Tucker, and when both of those players were lost to injury, apparently Angelo decided that he didn't really need to try to come up with a back up plan.

The disgusting thing is that the Bears are still technically in the wild card race in the weird NFC, but they're not going to make it. Rex Grossman, however, has, as far as I'm concerned, proved he should be the starter for this team. He had a really good game, that looked not quite as good as it was because of an overall bad job by the offensive coach. His name is Ron Turner. And I'm not going to expect anything good out of the Chicago Bears until he is replaced.

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