Monday, December 17, 2007

In Some Small Way, Parhaps Fate is Smiling Upon Me

I didn't pay attention to football at all sense that kind of ridiculous day in Washington, so I just now noticed that something I'd hoped would happen but didn't really expect to happen did in fact happen. The Cowboys lost and Green Bay won. Which means that, regardless of what happens in todays game, next week against Green Bay is a game in which the Bears will be able to ruin Green Bay's chances of the number one seed in the playoffs. This is especially a big deal because of how big a deal everyone would make about some team having to come and beat Green Bay in Green Bay for the championship. I don't even care that much if they do win the NFC (well, okay, I do, that would suck), as long as it's not played in Lambeau Field so I don't have to sit through the inevitable sports media circle jerk that would happen all over those hallowed grounds.

Oh, yeah. And remember when everyone thought the Lions had finally turned everything around, and they were now an actually good team with an actually good quarterback? What was that, like five weeks ago? When San Diego was screwed because they had the worst coach in the history of the NFL? At least some things about this bizarro football season from hell have kind of righted themselves.

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