Monday, December 17, 2007

wishplan 1.5

The first move is obvious, FIRE Ron Turner!! After that things get a little more complicated. I still think my plan for his replacement is pretty sweet. But until the season is over it's hard to speculate about players. Orton has two more games to try and look more competent than Griese, I'm sticking with Orton on this one. Turner's damage carries into the off-season though. It is truly impossible to evaluate the Bears players on offense with him around. Gage and Wade look much better away from him, how are we to know who else will too? This leaves a very interesting conundrum.
Based on this year, the Bears need two new starters on the O-Line and three new depth players. They need a new number one running back and Benson will not be around after next year so a new two back wouldn't hurt. They need one more quarterback actually capable of being good not just not-terrible plus Rex and Kyle. And they need two new starting wide-outs to go with Hester, Davis and Bradley to ensure good special teams.
They need to keep or improve their top 10 D-linemen, 7 Linebackers and get at least one new corner as good as Vasher and Tillman and one new safety as good as Brown and Manning plus one more secondary contributer, probably a safety on all their levels.
This means in the off-season they have to decide if they want to get 10 new offensive players in order to become competent or 3 new defensive stars in order to eliminate the offense from the team entirely. They could carry 28 defensive players on their roster and be assured that no matter how many injuries they suffer they will not give up more than 13 points. The defense and special teams would literally put them in position that the offense could not fuck up.
The first route is normal, but the second would be a hell of a lot more fun!

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