Saturday, December 29, 2007

Take a good look, because it's the last time you're going to see theese!

It's sad to think that the Bears won't play a game in 2008 until September. I'm not looking forward to the dead time while other teams are playing and the off-season hasn't begun yet, the three month break before the draft or the six month until training camp. Tomorrow will be fun though!
It's tempting to start displaying my Angelo-predicting prowess right now, but there's no hurry, and if I start now what will I have to do before the off-season begins?
However I am sure that Haugh and much of the Bears media have a lot wrong about this team and this off-season. Turner is going to be fired. He is obviously inept and Lovie and Angelo care a lot more about doing a good job than trying to please the media. Babich will stay because the defensive collapse doesn't seem like his fault and Lovie believes in him. Mike Brown will not be cut, it simply doesn't make any sense to try to improve your team by cutting your best though oft-injured safety. Grossman and Orton will both be in training camp in Bourbanis next year, Griese probably will not.

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