Monday, December 10, 2007

Seriously WTF?!!

The Tribune had three stories about the Bears today, two of them mentioned the quarterback situation and between both of those the most disparaging remark about Brian Griese was "decent." DECENT are you fucking kidding me!? He threw two interceptions on the same fucking play two offensive plays in a row! There is nothing 'decent' about Griese's play. He may be a stand-up, professional guy and a mentor to Orton but he's a fucking horrible NFL quarterback.
David Haugh even has the balls to mention him as a possible offensive MVP candidate because he accounted for 40 percent of the Bears victories. Lets not mention that Grossman accounted for the other 60 percent. Seriously how muck dick has Griese sucked in Chicago to earn the never ending benefit of the doubt, nice guy whose hard done by tag from the Chicago media. He threw 12 INT's in six appearances. That's two a game, not just two a start. I can't think of a more positive descriptor than over-the-hill for this guy.
All else aside, I hope that I never see Griese wearing an orange "C" on the side of his head for the rest of my life!!

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