Monday, December 17, 2007

It's finnaly come, we will all bask in the unconsionable beauty that is Neckbeard

I have to respond to all the ridiculous Bears media clamoring about how terrible our team is. Three seasons ago the Bears were a terrible 4-12 football team. Lovie Smith, the man who still coaches the team, turned them into a Superbowl participant and reigning NFC champions. This year they are 5-8 and will probably finish below .500, but they are much improved over the 4-12 team. The obvious point is Hester, but the less obvious point is that they have 6 playmakers injured.
In 2008 if Angelo isn't as stupid as all the doomsayers Mike Brown will be back in the starting lineup. The same Mike Brown who has lost like three games in the past three years. Obviously the Bears need a safety who can push Brown and Manning for a starting spot, but barring injury, which cannot be controlled, the Bears will be back to being a dominant defense. The system isn't failed, it just doesn't work if one of your safeties is terrible and one of the Bears safeties is terrible. Kevin Payne will also be back. I think Angelo has the track record to assume that Payne will be an improvement on the current situation.
Does anyone really think that Briggs is going anywhere? I don't. I think both sides this year will see what neither saw last year, winning is fragile and Briggs is a very important Chicago Bear. Williams and Wilson will both make good trade prospects, but another lesson from this year learned when Chris Harris was traded, is that trading someone who can play now for an unknown is not a luxury you can afford in an injury filled sport. If you can use Williams to help get a proven player for next year do it, otherwise too many good players is never a bad thing. Nathan Vasher aka the Interceptor will be back as will DD (does Dare Devil work as a nickname for him?). Oh, and Tommie Harris, the best DT in the NFL, yeah he's still a Chicago Bear, he's just hurt. The Packers and Vikings are not as good as the Bears were last year and they certainly aren't juggernauts. There's not much in the way of the '08 Bears returning to the Superbowl. They've gotten around terrible offense before and they will run the ball next year I can guarantee that.
If they want to compete with NE and Indy they probably need to do everything right in the offseason, but then again no one thought Indy was much good going into the playoffs last year. The NFL is a crazy league, a little momentum can go a long way and a single player can make a huge difference. I'm not worried about '08 unless it's without Brown and Harris.

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