Friday, December 07, 2007

Next year already

With 2008 starting now here's what I'm hoping for.
Shut down Vasher, Harris, Urlacher, Griese. We know all we can about them and they're hurt or inept. Play Briggs in the middle and get Wilson and/or Williams on the field. The Bears need to look at this as an option with Urlacher's status so uncertain. More experience for McBride, Wilson and Williams will give the Bears more flexibility in the off-season.
There's not much to do with the offense for now. Turner, Griese, Benson, Muhammad, Miller and probably more will not be around next year so looking at Orton is about all that can happen.
The D still looks great for next year. The only big thing is finding a safety that's close enough to Brown's and Manning's level that they won't be constantly exposed if one of them goes down. Other than that spot I don't think they can really get much better player-wise, they just have to hope they can get their spine back next year. Brown and Harris are this defense though, so I'm not worried.
Angelo needs to sort the defensive salary very quickly and go into free-agency with a very aggressive plan. Whoever the new offensive head coach/coordinator is/are get the chance to totally develop their own team and all they have to be able to do is drive 25 yards consistently for the Bears to win a lot!
Not sure in what order but there are many issues to address. They'll need a solid tackle, Tait can play either side, but a younger left tackle would be nice. Young O-line depth to learn from Kruetz, Brown, and Tait and challenge for actual playing time.
A new starting running back like Michael Turner.
A new 1 WR preferably Randy Moss or Chad Johnson but someone good please! Also like 10 WR's in camp openly competing for the rest of the spots.
And above all else figure out how to use Hester! Is there anyone out there who saw Steve Smith, Reggie Bush, and Adrian Peterson the last three years? Hester is as good as all of them and can you imagine sweeps with cutback lanes or crossing routes with only linebackers within 10 yards of Hester. He could easily score a touchdown a game with only a mild amount of competence running the show.
Also will someone please convince Lovie that managing the clock and going for it inside the 10 will actually help his team win.
It's a lot of work but that's what Angelo and co. get paid for. I'd be fucking up for it for 40K and a Chicago flat! I don't think that level of devotion is too much to ask from my team.

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