Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Haugh does he do it?

David Haugh strung together a surprising column-and-a-half of coherent and intelligent material, but by the end of today's column he has returned to his incompetent ways. He did a great job understanding the Bears' ability to cover for the losses of Brown and Dvorachek, and his idea of a competition between Benson and Peterson is well written and sound. At the end of last year, aside from the Super Bowl, Benson clearly looked to be the best back for the Bears. He hasn't however, done anything this year to show that he deserves to be the unquestioned starter and work-horse. With this in mind it makes sense for Benson to be the starter of a two back system in which AP has every chance to take over the more prominent role if he outshines Benson. This I believe is exactly the situation in Chicago right now. Starting AP Sunday would frankly be a stupid decision. Smith , again has it right. A column explaining this would be an excellent idea, one pushing for AP to takeover until Benson blows him away is ridiculous.

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Marcus said...

I, too, agreed about the whole letting Adrian Peterson split carries with Benson thing. Based on how Peterson's done in the past several years, and especially the way he looked like he was finally getting the running game rolling right up until he fumbled on Sunday, I do think the Bears offense would be better served with AP and CB being dual featured backs. But Haugh pretty much lost me when he said AP should start this week. Why? The only scenario in which that's a good idea is if you've just decided that Benson is never going to be any good. It seems like, for some reason, Benson has a bit of a fragile ego, and letting him start against a spaghetti-strainer defense like Kansas City is exactly the type of thing that might allow him to get some momentum going--and he seems to need momentum to play well. Benching him would just make him pout for the rest of the season.

Seriously, though, why does Haugh hate Benson so much? He obviously really has something against the guy, and I think he should just be out with it already.