Thursday, September 27, 2007

I want Holmes' job! or to at least be on a texting level with him

I found this great Fred Miller quote in a Thursday Sun Times article, "He's going to be able to do some things that Rex can't as far as just having experience out there, It will take a little bit off the offensive line in letting him see those looks and getting us out of bad situations.'' It seems reasonable to me that the biggest loss without TJ is his ability to cover Rex's lack of blitz recognition. I agree with Miller, having Griese behind center will provide the offense with a big boost by simply making sure that they have a play called that has a chance from the start. Rex seems really bad at this, and Turner seems more stubborn than improvisational. From my very limited information, it almost seems like spending so much time with Turner may have held Grossman back. A perfect example is that through three games Hester and Wolfe have yet to touch a ball, the Bears have tried three quick screens to Hester, all batted down or disrupted at the line, and one screen to Wolfe which was horribly intercepted. Wouldn't the best way to get them the ball be on running plays or when they're one of several options? Defenses are obviously going to key on them when they're bit-part players, running plays isolated for them is just a stupid idea. In Turner's perfect world the plays would work because they'd be executed perfectly, unfortunately defenses that know what's coming can stop even perfectly executed plays, and we all know the Bears offense is far from perfect right now.
I trust Griese to understand this, and I really believe that he's going to put on a show against Detroit's shitty D. I just hope the Bears 2nd string D is good enough to give the Special Teams and Offense a chance to win the game. Goddamn it sounds weird saying that!

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