Sunday, September 23, 2007


That was basically like getting kicked in the nuts. Really hard.

Before this game, I thought the Bears were not only the best team in the NFC, but one of the top few teams in the NFL. Now, I have seen evidence with my own eyes that they're not. The Bears are a team that still has the potential to become one of the best teams in the league. But, at this point, potential is all it is. And it's all because of the offense.

I don't care how many yards the defense gave up in the second half, the fact it, is if the Bears had an offense that was capable of, every time they got the ball, holding onto it for, say, five minutes, they would rarely lose a game. They certainly would not have lost this game. The Bears defense is fast and scary, and they made the Cowboys offense look exactly like I thought they would make them look for the entire first half. The Bears defense is young, and it's loaded with players with incredible talent, many of whom still have their peak years to look forward to.

But the Bears offense, right now, is terrible. They not only didn't look better than they have the past two weeks, but I'm not sure but they might have actually looked worse. And what should have been done about that is that Turner should've gotten fired at the end of last season. Obviously, that can't happen now, so the question is what to do from here. Going forward, as they like say in the business world.

Maybe it's the emotional sucker punch of this game still sinking in, but it's hard to imagine how the first thing to do is not to bench Rex Grossman. No one could possibly argue that he hasn't been given every chance in the world. And though I still do think he has some really exciting talent, so far this year, all he's done is kill this team. I still give Lovie all the props in the world for sticking to Grossman up to this point, but now is, I think, the breaking point. Grossman must never be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears again. It was nice while it lasted, and I really mean that, but... I can think of almost no reasons why Rex Grossman should still be our starting quarterback.

Actually, only one reason: who takes his place? I think it should be Orton. I can't explain why I'm not sold on Griese, but I am just not at all. I think in his rookie season Orton showed he was better at staying out of the way of the defense that Grossman ever has been. And now Orton's got the benefit of a real year of studying from the bench in the NFL.

But, probably, it will be Griese. It's the safer bet.

The most depressing thing of it all is that, if the Bears want to have any realistic hope of winning their division, which seemed like an extremely safe bet couple of weeks ago, they have to get really hot. They are 1-2. Green Bay is 3-0, and playing a terrible Minnesota team next week. There is basically no shot that the Bears can regain the NFC North crown when they take on Favre. And that's really sad.

All in all, this was probably the most depressing football game I've watched since the Bears were clobbered by Philadelphia in the 2001 playoffs.

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