Sunday, September 16, 2007

Party Like a Rock Star!

Last weeks' loss was about the most disappointed I've been about a Bears loss in a long time. Well, at least since last February... But I wasn't especially disappointed in the team. I thought the Bears played really well; actually both teams played extremely will, with the both defenses outshining both offenses, which, as far as I'm concerned, is how football should be. Despite the score ending up 14-3, I thought it was really just a matter of, in the end, more breaks going San Diego's way than the Bears' way. which is maybe what made it so disappointing: it was the first time in the past couple of seasons that the Bears lost and that they didn't deserve the loss. But, that's how football goes.

There's another disappointing thing about last week's game: the Bears probably won't be involved in as good of a game all season. I still pretty much feel like there are the Bears, the Colts, the Chargers, and the Patriots at the top of the league, and then there's a bunch of teams below them at various levels of mediocrity, ranging from pretty good to kinda bad. And below that mushy pile are the teams who are just horrible. Like today's opponent.

The Bears played a few horrible teams last year, and with the exception of the Cardinals, they absolutely creamed them. That's why, in a way, I feel like this game is more of a measuring stick for the Bears, to see what they are compared to last season. Last year, the Bears would've been up something like 28-0 by half time, and probably the first team offense would've been resting for the fourth quarter. That's essentially what I'm expecting to happen in this game.

Last week's game showed that the Bears offense needs to improve if they're going to be able count on beating teams with defenses as good as San Diego, but it wasn't an indication that the offense has declined since last season (and besides, they may not play a team with a defense as good as San Diego's for the rest of the season). If the offense struggles to put up points against a really bad defense like Kansas City's, then we know there's trouble.

As far as the defense: they proved last week there wasn't any dropoff from last season. They could sleepwalk through this game and probably keep KC under 17 points. All I really want from them this game is no injuries. Please, Bears defensive starters, DON'T GET INJURED!

I got the new Jens Lekman album last night, and I just now finished it. It's spectacular. Now it's time to take a shower and start football day. Sundays during football season are great! Although it's still really weird to me that football starts at 10:00AM here...

Oh, I almost forgot! Here's the Tommie Harris quote from the Daily Herald that inspired this post's title (when asked if he was worried about playing against a vaunted KC offensive line: "What are you talking about?" he said. "I look forward to playing those guys. I don't care about whose line it is. I play football. I missed it for about seven months. I have a chance to go back out there, so I really don't care who's in front of me. I'm just going to have fun and party like a rock star." Go Bears!

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