Tuesday, September 11, 2007


There's this aspect of being a fan that simply ignores logic and rational thought, which is something that I completely accepted long ago. I think the NFL is pretty close to being evil; I think the Bears organization is run by some pretty petty folks; I think the way team owners milk every last ounce or profit they can out of fans and have no respect for the genuine love fans feel for their teams is disgusting; etc. But deep down, I think the Bears are good, along a very few other teams (Indy, San Francisco... that's it...) and the Vikings and the Patriots are pure evil. But when my actual conception of morality coincides, even just a little bit, with my fan view of things, as has happened with the Patriots' signal-stealing scandal, well, it just makes me feel good. I knew Bellichick was a jerk and cheater! Haha! While I do think "putting an asterisk" next to his Super Bowl victories (whatever that actually means) might be a little much, nothing would make me happier than for every time from now on it's mentioned that Bellichick won three Super Bowls out of the past six (or however many it is...) that along with that mention would come the phrase, "Of course, it was discovered that Bellichick is a cheater." Actually, there are two things that would make me happier: if the word "clown" were to become associated with Ray Lewis (or, better, "murderer"), and if the Vikings never won another game for the rest of my life.


micah james said...

Though I totally agree about Murderer and Cheater, I have to admit lately that other than the Jets and 49ers now, I would much rather have the Bears be followed by Green Bay and Minnesota as the next best teams in the NFL. Detriot is just silly, but I love the north rivalry, and its so much more fun beating good GB and Min. teams and having to outrace them to the finish than when they're just pitiably bad.

Marcus said...

I'm with you about GB, and I do think the Bears have their work cut out for them if they want to sweep GB this year. The Packers defense is very good; the type of defense that Grossman is going to have to be seriously improved against in order to keep his TD:INT ratio in the black. Both teams could really use some improvement in their offense, though, but they kind of have opposite problems.

Marcus said...

The Vikings, though. I really just want them to completely suck. Forever.