Saturday, September 15, 2007


I just got done rewatching the Bears loss last week and what really jumps out at me is that turnovers were the entire story of the game. The Chargers didn't dominate in any way, in fact the Bears were the better team on every level except for fumbles. If the Bears didn't lose all three of those fumbles, if they scored on one of the drives, which looked likely, instead of turning it over they would possibly still have lost, but it would have been a one score game. The defense wouldn't have given up the second touchdown which was obviously a result of fatigue, mostly mental. Turner never opened the game up, which was a big mistake and hopefully gets corrected, but once again without the turnovers he would have looked better. The San Diego D was wearing down before the touchdown and was really bailed out by the Benson and AP fumbles.

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